You Still Need To Dress Up For Each Other

Do you remember when you first got together with your partner? You wanted to impress them every time you saw them. You went out of your way to wear your nicest clothes, your hair was perfect, your makeup was on point, everything was put together nicely. And your partner looked just as good as you. Then after a while, you stopped focusing on the clothes you wore, your hair was a little messy, and makeup wouldn't touch your face for days. And naturally, they let themselves "go" a little bit too. You both went from that red carpet ready power couple to looking like the movie extras in Joe Dirt. Sure, it's not a huge deal to focus on being paparazzi ready all day everyday, but wouldn't it be a nice surprise to see your partner looking amazing just for you? And don't you think they would love if you went out of your way to look amazing for them?

Recently, Jason called me over to have a little chat with him. I was wearing my daily go to outfit; leggings, an old t-shirt, Crocs (Crocs girl for life), my hair was air dried but not brushed, and you can forget about any concealer to cover those ridiculous circles under my eyes. When I went over to him, he took my hand, looked me dead in the eyes, and said in the sweetest, softest voice, "baby, I love you. I need you to stop looking like a bum." I was in shock, and so hurt! Okay, not really. He was 100% right and I knew it so we both just started laughing. Honestly though, he was so right and I did stop caring about how I looked to him. I figured it wasn't a huge deal anymore and that I could bum it the majority of my time around him. But when I started wearing my leggings and Crocs everywhere (yes, even to restaurants. Don't judge the comfort now) instead of that cute dress that he loves so much, he started to feel a little insignificant. He told me he felt that I didn't care to look good around him because I maybe stopped caring so much about him. It made me sad to hear him say this, but it makes so much sense! Why did I go out of my way to look so good for him when we first got together, and now that we've made that commitment to be together forever I just stopped trying. It wasn't being malicious or anything, I just assumed he didn't really care. Plus nothing feels better on your feet than those giant, obnoxious clogs. After we had that conversation, I've made it a point to make sure I look good for him. Sure, it's not going to happen every single day, but I make sure that I am almost movie star perfect for him the majority of the time, and Joe Dirt ready the remaining time.

Has this conversation come up in your relationship? Or have you thought to yourself that you wished your partner would just spend a few extra minutes in the morning to look nice for you? I really believe that if this has come up, or if you have those feelings, calmly talk to your love about it. Make them understand how special it made you feel and that you just want to feel that way again. And if they bring it up to you, don't be upset! Understand that they just miss that feeling of seeing how much effort you put into looking nice for them. Not only that, but looking nice makes us all feel nice personally, too. If you decide to dress up today I want to know! Take a selfie in your best outfit and make sure to tag me at @danalynnespark and @sparknowapp. I can't wait to see how awesome you will look!

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