Wake Up Together, Go to Bed Together, Be Happier Together

I am a morning person. I wake up at 5am on the dot, spring out of bed, get ready for my day, and it’s all rainbows and unicorns from there! Jason, not so much. He literally hits the snooze button ten times in a row, dramatically rolls out of bed, and zombie walks into the living. Since I've already been for hours, I'm ready to head out to start my day. I'll run over to Jason, give him a quick little smooch, then leave. Barely any time was spent together.

Later on we'll both get home and have dinner, but because I wake up so much earlier than him I'm exhausted and just want to head to bed soon. But since Jason slept in for like 10 million hours, he wants to stay up way past my bed time. So we usually just give each other a good night kiss and I'll plop into bed alone, while he spends the evening watching TV, playing video games, whatever. Again, barely any time was spent together.

Obviously going to sleep isn't considered bonding time, but I started to realize that we needed to come up with a better sleep schedule that fit us both. I looked at the times we went to bed and woke up, and the times where we actually spent time together, and realized that we literally wasted bonding time on sleep! It's madness I tell ya. But in order to solve our problem, we both had to suck it up and learn to sacrifice a little on both sides. For Jason, that meant waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual, and for me that meant going to sleep 30 minutes later. Those itty bitty, teenie weenie sacrifices gave us one extra hour each day to spend quality time together. We now have breakfast together, share a glass (bottle) of wine, and just hang out. It's amazing how such an easy fix has benefited us so much, and I challenge you sacrifice just 30 minutes of sleep and invest that time into your relationship.

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