Show Appreciation For Each Other Everyday

You guys do a lot for each other. You cook dinner every night, they take care of the laundry, you manage the bills, they schedule all of the doctor appointments, et cetera. You appreciate everything they do to make your life easier, and they appreciate everything that you do for them, but when was the last time you both expressed your appreciation for each other? When was the last time you both said "thank you" or "I appreciate all that you do" for these daily tasks? Sure this is already implied, but sometimes it's nice to simply hear or see the appreciation from your partner, especially in more ways that one. Here are a few different ways you and your partner can show your appreciation for each other on a daily basis!

1. Get a shared notebook and every morning, write one thing that you love about each other.

2. Take care of some of their chores and responsibilities around the house and let them relax.

3. Surprise them with a simple gift or a treat.

4. Schedule a surprise date night at their favorite restaurant.

5. Hold them tight, look them in the eye, and tell them!

Pick at least one of these tips today to show your partner how much you love and appreciate everything that they do!

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