Passion In Your Relationship

You're standing in the middle of a rainstorm, confessing your undying love for each other. You then embrace each other, move inside your home, and make incredible love all night. Okay, this sounds perfect but we're not Noah and Allie from The Notebook, so our reality might be a little different. We might not have this perfect scene when it comes to our love making, but what we can have is the same passion Noah and Allie shared for each other in that moment.

So what exactly is passion? Passion is a really strong emotion you have for something, or in this case someone. That crazy, uncontrollable, fiery feeling of being with that one person who you love the most. Now what does passion look like in your relationship? Yes, sometimes it could very well be making out in the rain and running inside to make passionate love, and it could also be as simple as holding hands more often or bringing each other coffee in bed (just don't spill!). Like I said earlier, passion is an emotion you have for someone. Passion is fueled by actions, but it is not necessarily the actions. Holding hands fuels passion because it makes you feel more loved and secure when you touch your partner. Bringing each other coffee fuels passion because that little act of receiving a gift makes you feel prioritized and loved. It's those actions that feed into your feelings towards each other, that create a passionate love.

Of course these examples are just two of many. They are examples of how my husband and I add more passion in our relationship. He likes it when I hold his hand at random times, and I like it when he brings me my coffee. If hand holding and bringing coffee work for you, then go for it! If not, you know what will make you both happy, so start doing those actions more often. After a little bit, that feeling of passion will skyrocket and you two will officially be the Noah and Allie of your neighborhood.

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