My "16 Personality" Results And How it Plays Into My Marriage

Have you ever heard of the 16 Personalities quiz? I recently heard about it and immediately became intrigued. I wanted to see what my personality results would be, and how it affected my life. After I got home I hopped on the computer and took the quiz, and based off my results I am a "consul." According to the 16 Personalities website, a consul is popular and social, caring, and always eager to help. Not sure how popular I am, but I have been told I am a social pterodactyl and I do go out of my way to please others. So pretty accurate! But my main interest was to see how my consul personality affected my relationship with my (pain in the ass) wonderful husband. I have to say, the results regarding my relationship traits were pretty accurate too.

When it comes to being social, I'd say that has positively affected my marriage. Luckily my husband is also very social, probably even more than me, so we always enjoy spending time with friends, family, and meeting new people. Caring about others comes naturally to me. I always think about the feelings of others and I always want to make sure that people are happy and comfortable around me. If I hear that someone is struggling, I also go out of my way to see how I can help them. I'm the same way with my husband. If he is upset or struggling, I want to help him out. When he feels that caring energy from me, he responds with thankfulness and happiness, and therefore makes us closer together. Now my social life and caring personality always comes out positive for us, but being eager to help usually isn't always his favorite. Sure, he loves when I approach to help him out with chores, but that's pretty much where it ends! If something is broken around the house, we get lost driving, we order something that needs to be put together, whatever, he does NOT want my help. I am a huge problem solver so I always want to help out, but let me tell you if I try to solve a problem or help him fix something, it usually ends in a very cranky husband. I've had to learn a long time ago to take a step back and keep my mouth shut in those moments, even though I'm desperate to help out.

After going over all of the results for the 16 Personalities quiz, I really do think it is accurate. I can definitely see how those different traits affect my marriage, in good and in bad ways. Now all I have to do is get Jason to take the quiz so we can compare results. I have a feeling he is an "executive," which is great because we are compatible! Woohoo! If you haven't taken the test yet, head over to and have fun sharing your results with your partner!

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