Little Things That Go a Long Way

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

It's a random Saturday afternoon. You wake up early, spend the entire morning cleaning your house, then you run out of the house and take care of all of the errands on your own. You're exhausted and just want relax. When you finally get home you see your partner standing in the kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee, just for you. You never called or texted them to do it, you never even mentioned that you were tired, but somehow they just knew that that simple cup of coffee would mean the world to you. And you couldn't be happier!

It's the little things like this that go a long way in any relationship. Those gestures that your partner does naturally for you just because they know it will make you happy. And yes I know, a cup of coffee might not exactly be what you would like. Maybe you'd like to come home to a meal, a glass of wine, or even hear your favorite music playing in the background.

Whatever it may be, that amazing feeling inside is always the same and almost always makes your relationship stronger. Here is a list of those little things that you can do for your partner to make them feel extra special!

1. Leave appreciation notes around the house. Get those little sticky notes and start writing all of the amazing things about your partner. Leave them in areas where they are not out in the open, but will be seen almost everyday, such as the bathroom, the inside of the refrigerator, or inside one of the dresser drawers.

2. Buy their favorite snacks. Nothing is better than coming home from a long day at work than to open the fridge or the pantry and seeing your favorite snack to munch on!

3. Wash their car for them. We all know that amazing feeling of getting our own car washed. When your love isn't using their car, take their keys and either drive it through a car wash or do it yourself.

4. Send a random "I love you," or "I'm thinking of you,"text in the middle of the day. It'll make them feel special just knowing that they're on your mind.

5. Run the bathtub for them and allow them to relax. Or feel free to join them ;)

6. Randomly put on their favorite outfit. You don't always have to have a fancy date night to dress up for them!

7. Give them a foot or back massage when you're both relaxing on the couch. If they don't fall asleep (like me every single time!) they'll almost always return the favor.

8. If you have a pet take the dog out for a walk, clean the cat's litter box, or whatever you may need to do for them.

9. Cook them their favorite meal. And let them go for seconds, or even thirds!

10. Play with their hair. Whether they're standing, sitting on the couch, or lying in bed, randomly stroke your fingers through their hair and give them a small scalp massage.

Whatever is on the agenda for today, make sure you do at least one small, sweet gesture to make your love feel even more loved!

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