How To Keep The Spark In A Long Distance Relationship

Are you in along distance relationship? Or are you in a situation where you are going to have to be long distance for a while? If so, you probably are feeling stress about making the relationship work and really keeping that spark going. I understand how you feel, I was once in a long distance relationship and those thoughts consumed my mind all the time. Fortunately that relationship ended (long story short, he sucked), so I may not necessarily have the best long distance advice for you. However, one of my best friends has been in a long distance relationship for her entire four year relationship, and they recently got engaged! I swear they figured out the secret sauce to keeping things amazing throughout their relationship, so I reached out to get all of their advice and now we're going to share it all with you guys.

One of the biggest things that has kept their spark going is planning trips together. She lives in the United States and he lives in England, so no matter what they would have to travel far for each other. Instead of going back and forth to each others home, they plan trips to different places they want to visit! It's always a blast for them not only because they're together, but they get to experience a brand new place together. They also create a bucket list for each one of these new places they visit to make sure they're constantly having fun.

Constantly texting and sending voice notes has really helped them out as well. Constant communication keeps them in the loop of what the other is up to, so it makes them feel like they're experiencing their day together. Even something as small as texting, "Oh I just saw the cutest dog!" means the world to them. And of course Skype or Facetime has been a tremendous help for both of them.

So on top of them planning trips together, creating a bucket list, and constantly communicating, they really put an effort into prioritizing each other. They had no choice but to start dating long distance and they both really wanted to make it work. Luckily they created a system that's worked for them and it's worked out so well that they are engaged! So it definitely is possible to have a loving and successful long distance relationship, you just need to put the effort in. Take their advice and apply it to your relationship, it could definitely relieve the stress of dating long distance.

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