How To Freak Your Man Out

Okay, you guys are going to think I'm crazy (crazier than usual). Recently I've been working with a friend of mine who is helping me tap more in my feminine energy. Ever since meeting with her, my life from my growing business to my marriage has been fantastic. Especially my marriage *wink wink*. Basically Jason and I stopped butting heads so much and have really prioritized everything that makes our relationship great. Until one day we had a fight..dun dun DUUUN! Obviously we knew we'd end up in an argument one day, we are human, but this was different because I implemented strategies that she gave me. My normal reactive self was quiet, I listened, and I calmly responded. We still went back and forth a few times, but the end result was way better than things used to be.

Fast forward a few more days, her and I meet up for our weekly meetings. I explained what happened and how Jason and I both reacted, and she was pleased that we prevented World War 3. Yay! But then, after we already went through the details of everything, she told me I needed to try something else. Something that will freak Jason out the next time we begin to argue. Something that raised my eyebrows and caused me to burst out laughing. She told me that the next time he says something sassy, to calmly say this, "yeah I'm not doing this. Instead we're going to celebrate your accomplishments today. So happy Jason day." WEIRD, RIGHT?! How the heck am I supposed to want to celebrate him when I'm plotting his murder in my mind (don't tell him I said that). But seriously, such an odd thing to be told to do when fighting. Her explanation, however, was pretty interesting. She told me that by doing this I'll not only confuse the crap out of him, which will be very entertaining, but I'll feed in to his masculine energy by making him feel appreciated for all of his accomplishments.

A of yet, I have not had to implement this very odd strategy, which is a good thing. But the day it happens I'm determined to get a picture of his face and I'm going to share it all with you! And if you get into a little tiff one of these days, try it on your man and share your results. We can create a hashtag, #freakedoutman, to see their amusing reactions. I hope you all are as excited as I am for this!

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