Do You Actually Like Your Partner?

Growing up my dad always used to say, "you can fall in love with anyone, but you have to actually like the person for it to work." Pretty wise words from an old fart! But in all seriousness, he couldn't be more true. All of the experts say that you need to have a great friendship in order to have a successful relationship. And in order to have a great friendship, you have to actually like the person you're with.

Think about the relationship you have with your partner. Are you truly friends? Do you actually like them? Do you guys have inside jokes that you share together, are you able to make each other laugh at any moment, are you there to comfort them when they are upset, and are you simply nice to each other? Basically are you two the way you are when you're with your best friend. Okay, maybe not as crazy as you might be with your best friend, but you get the point. Or, is your relationship simply a romantic one but you don't really like them as a person? You guys maybe don't laugh a whole lot together, you're not very playful, their quirks annoy you too much, and you don't enjoy spending time together. Maybe you're in the relationship because you've invested a lot of time and energy into it years ago, or maybe you're just afraid to be alone.

Honestly though, is being with a person who you don't even like worth your time anymore? Personally, I couldn't stand being with someone who I didn't like. Jason and I are so lucky that we not only love each other, but we literally are best friends. Best friends to the point where our other friends and family tell us how disturbingly weird (cool) we are with each other. We are constantly laughing together, spending time together, and just being silly because we genuinely like each other. And sure there are times where I'd like to kill him, but I won't do that only because I'd lose my best friend!

Think about this one and be genuine with yourself. Are you really friends? If yes, then great! You will have an awesome, fun, and loving relationship. But if you are not, then maybe it's time to either work on your friendship or reevaluate a few things.

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