Distributing Household Chores When You Both Work Full Time

Ahh, household chores. Nobody really enjoys them (unless you're Danny Tanner from Full House), but as we all know, they are 100% necessary. Sometimes it's easy to determine who will take care of the majority of the chores. That's usually if one person does not need to work, or works part time than their full time partner. But when you're in a partnership where both work full time, household chores then need to be distributed evenly to keep things fair.

Now this obviously sounds pretty simple and fair, right? I mean it only makes sense to distribute chores evenly if both individuals have full time jobs. Unfortunately though, this is not the case for many couples. So many still feel like they are taking care of the majority of the household chores while their partner is barely helping out. And in these cases, the one who is contributing more will eventually burn out which is not something anyone has to deal with.

Here are a few tips that can help to avoid the issues of burnout, or one partner feeling overwhelmed and under helped.

1. Work together as a team. One person shouldn't be expected to "lead" when it comes to chores. Work as a team and contribute your part, even when your partner is not around.

2. Take turns competing certain tasks. One week you do the laundry, next week they take care of it.

3. Create a chore schedule and stick to it. Put it on the refrigerator to ensure everyone sees it on a daily basis.

4. Don't assign chores by gender. Yeah guys, you can wash the dishes too. And ladies, you can whip that lawn mower out.

5. Don't criticize (omg I'm so guilty of this). If they're folding the clothes differently than you would, don't tell them. Just shut up and appreciate the help. I'm speaking from my own experience (even though I still don't know why Jason folds pants that way), just shut up and accept the help.

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