Dealing With Toxic In-Laws *This was not written from experience! My in-laws and family are amazing

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Oh in-laws. The people who have molded your spouse into the person they are today. You see where all of your spouses' good qualities came from, and you see where their worst qualities came from. And whether you love them or hate them, you're married to them too.

A lot of times in-laws feel that they are entitled to say and do whatever they want. I mean, they are your spouses' mom, dad, brother, or sister, so it only makes sense that they get involved in your marriage, right? Ha! Okay, even I was rolling my eyes while writing this. Family members do not need to be involved in your marriage, period. And they do not deserve to get a pass for poor behavior just because they're family. Allowing them to do so will only lead to issues between you and your spouse, and that's the absolute last thing you want to deal with.

To avoid family members from becoming too intrusive in your marriage, you need to make sure that you share any personal information with them. Do not talk about your financial situations, personal family plans, work life, sex life, and especially don't vent to about your spouse to them. This only opens the door for them to provide their "humble" opinion that nobody wants to hear, and it gives them the opportunity to bad mouth you or your spouse, which is a big no-no!

Now if that line has been crossed and your in-laws or your own family members have thrown out their unwelcome opinions and comments, you both need to make sure that you stick up for each other no matter what. If they make a nasty comment to you, your spouse better stop them and shut that down. If your family makes a rude comment to your spouse, interrupt them and make it very clear that that behavior is unacceptable. Remember, your spouse is your new family and your marriage is now the most important relationship in your life. You must always have your spouses' back and think only of protecting your marriage from any negativity.

If you already have had to have that conversation with your toxic in-laws or family members and their behavior doesn't change, you need to detach from them and focus on your marriage. Hopefully, your family members will come around and learn to respect you and your marriage. And if that happens, you both need to accept their positive effort and work on rebuilding your relationship again.

DISCLAIMER: none of these experiences are person, I have wonderful in-laws and a wonderful family! This is advice that I have personally shared with others ❤️

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