Be Open Minded And Try New Things

When was the last time you tried something new together? Something that was out of the norm for you both, maybe a little uncomfortable at first, but something that you would have never thought of before? Think about how long it's been, and also think about how you felt when you were trying something new. Maybe you hated whatever you did and vowed to never do it again, or maybe you ended up enjoying what you have done and now it's a part of your normal schedule.

Get together with your partner and create a list of different things you want to do. Talk about places you want to visit and plan a fun trip in the near future. Do something active such as biking, hiking, paddle boarding, or ice skating. Discuss shaking things up in the bedroom and experiment with new positions, toys, etc.

Whatever it is you do, be spontaneous, have fun, and keep trying new things!

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