Affordable Date Night Ideas

Just like every other couple, Red and I love going out on date nights/days. We try to do something at least once a week, but there's one issue that always seems to arise when we start planning: we're not billionaires yet (still waiting to win that lottery). So instead of going out to a nice restaurant each weekend, we started to plan out dates that cost us zero to no money that are just as fun, or even more fun, than going out to eat. Here are some of our favorite affordable date ideas!

1. Have a picnic at home. A few years ago I surprised Red with a picnic in our backyard. I had his favorite wings, a bottle of cheap wine, some chocolate, and we had a blast! I think the entire dinner only cost $20 too! Since that night we still have little backyard picnics and they remain one of our favorite date night activities.

2. Go on a bike ride. We like to Google surrounding areas that we have not checked out yet. Once we find somewhere we think will be fun, we load the bikes in the car, drive out there, and bike around. It's always fun exploring a new area, and you never know what hidden gems you can find.

3. Read together. I'm a reader, Red is...not so much. But recently he has found a few books of mine that he enjoys, so we will sit back on the couch, relax, and read them together.

4. Bonfire night. On those lazy nights at home, we love sit in our backyard with a couple of drinks, maybe some s'mores (if I remember to buy the supplies), and light a bonfire. Obviously we only really do this when it's cooler out, which is usually one or two nights out of the entire year here in Florida, but it's always a good time!

Hope you enjoy some of these favorite affordable date ideas! If you try these out, or have your own affordable date night ideas, let me know on one of my social media pages:

Happy dating!

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