3 Reasons Why Dinner Time Needs to be Unplugged

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I grew up in a house where dinner time was very traditional. We did not sit and eat in front of the TV, absolutely no phones were allowed, and any other distraction was put away. My parents, sister, and I would engage in conversation while enjoying our meal together. Like I said, very traditional. And honestly, that's the way it should be. Here are my top three reasons as to why I think dinner time always needs to remain unplugged:

1. A lot of times sitting around the dinner table is the only time families really get to spend time together too. They're so busy with school, work, friends, chores, etc. that they don't really get a chance to communicate during the day. Dinner time is the perfect time for families to catch up.

2. Bonding time at the table has been proven to help children perform better in school, and tend to have less behavioral issues. I'm no expert here, but most likely this is due to the positive attention kids get when the parents aren't distracted.

3. Eating together, without electronics, creates a stronger family dynamic. Instead of mindlessly watching TV, or mindlessly scrolling through their phones, families create stronger and healthier relationships when they remain unplugged.

Next time you and your loved ones sit down for dinner, make sure all of the distractions are out of sight and be sure to enjoy your time together!

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